Useful contacts

Kidney Care UK works to improve the quality of life for patients with kidney disease by giving support, information and grant aid. What sets us apart from other kidney charities is the level of financial support that we give to individuals and families.

We give grants to patients on low income to help with domestic and travel costs, as well as funds towards holidays and short breaks, during times of need.

We also give significant funds to support many kidney units around the UK.

  • Get support

    Kidney Care UK has been helping people affected by kidney disease and their families for over 45 years. Our direct patient services are free of charge and provide support to thousands of patients and their families every year.

  • Young Adult Kidney Group (YAKG)

    Started in 2016 as a way for young people with kidney disease to come together, the Young Adult Kidney Group has grown into a safe place for young patients to support one another online.

  • Community support for rare kidney conditions

    If you are living with a rare condition, building a community around yourself can help you feel less isolated, access the latest information and share your lived experience to give hope to others.