Find out more about some important treatments for kidney conditions.

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    Haemodialysis is an effective treatment for removing excess water and waste products from the body, using a machine, during kidney failure. Haemodialysis usually takes place three or more times a week at your child’s paediatric nephrology unit, a specialised unit at the hospital.

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    Haemodialysis fistula

    Haemodialysis is a treatment for kidney failure. Your child will need a procedure to get access to their bloodstream for haemodialysis. One option is to create a fistula. This joins two types of blood vessels to make one large, stronger blood vessel, usually at the wrist or elbow.

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    Kidney transplant

    A major treatment for children with kidney failure – a donor's healthy kidney is transplanted into the body.

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    Kidney transplant: deceased donors

    A deceased donor is someone who has recently died and whose healthy kidney is quickly removed to be transplanted.

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    Kidney transplant: living donors

    A living donor is someone who donates one of his or her healthy kidneys.

What is renal replacement therapy?

Renal or kidney replacement therapy are the treatments that do the work of your kidneys if they are not working properly. They two main treatments are a kidney transplant and dialysis, where machines clean your blood of waste, extra water and salt.