Yincent is a Paediatric Nephrologist and Renal (kidney) Consultant at the Great North Children’s Hospital in Newcastle, working to diagnose and treat children living with kidney disease.

As a renal consultant – or kidney doctor – Yincent specialises in kidney and renal medicine and works closely with many other members of the kidney team to keep the children’s kidneys as healthy as possible. Yincent works with children that have a broad range of conditions, and many of the children have kidney function that is not ‘entirely normal’.

Yincent mentions that while his job does involve diagnosis and treatment, he often has to work to ensure families and children are truly aware that there is something wrong. He discusses that children living with kidney disease can look well and healthy, they can run and play and act as normal, but that something is not right with their kidneys.

The vast, vast majority of children that we look after live very normal, happy lives.