Leila is a Renal (Kidney) Dietitian at the Great North Children’s Hospital in Newcastle, where she works with children and families to help them understand how food, drink, and diet affect kidney disease.

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As a dietitian, Leila addresses the difficulties of living with kidney disease and following a kidney diet with families, finding bespoke solutions with each family so the children can grow and develop. A large part of Leila’s role is looking at best case scenarios – rather than solely focusing what children and families cannot eat, she discusses what foods and drinks can be added to the child’s diet.

Leila also explains how flexibility is important when discussing and living with a kidney diet, and she reassures that the best approach to living with a kidney diet is to ask questions if you’re worried or in doubt.

We start small, and we build on that […] there’s never a daft question, always ask.

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